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Benefits of choosing Ace Acupuncture
NCCAOM Video Contest
NCCAOM Video Contest

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      Ace Your Tennis Game with Acupuncture by Guan-Yuan Jin

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Are you seeking an effective yet natural approach to address your health concerns? Would you like to live in the healthiest state possible without taking unwanted medications or having unnecessary surgeries? If so, you have come to the right site.  Here, at Ace Acupuncture Clinic of Milwaukee, you'll find essential information regarding one of the most effective theraputic means available. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  are offered by a dedicate and experienced team at Ace Acupuncture & Oriental Herbal Clinics of Milwaukee, one of Midwest's most renowned providers estbalished since 1989.


Led by Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin, MD, C.Ac, the clinics' director of care and his unmatched 48 years of experience as a former neurologist, cardiologist and physiologist, Dr. Jin is an expert of Chinese Medicine you can count on to address most of your chronic ailments as he is regarded as one of world's forefront Master Acupuncturists as well as a scientist/professor. He is also a prolific author and frequent lecturer internationally. Over the years, Dr. Jin has held a range of honors and awards both from China and USA, with more than 150,000 patients treated successfully (refer to our testimonials page for over 200 real reviews). Our team and family of caring Chinese medical experts offers a complete spectrum of vairous Chinese medicine specialties that covers a majority of tough chronic illnesses, including intractable body / joint aches/pains, fertility issues, women's and men's health issues, disorders of internal organ/skin/central nervous system/vision and cancer support etc.

Whenever you need both top quality and affordable acupuncture or Chinese medicine in Milwaukee or S.E. Wisconsin, ask around and you'll soon find out why people always choose Ace Acupuncture Clinic of Milwaukee as the PLACE of Healing. Our Milwaukee acupuncture clinic has the reputation of having HIGHEST SUCCESS WITH THE LEAST SESSIONS among patients and acupuncture/TCM peers in the Greater Milwaukee Area. (Ranked as TOP Acupuncture Provider by over 500 Holistic Practitioners in a survey conducted by Milwaukee Magazine in Feb of 2011 and TOP 3 Acupuncturists by WISN A-List, 2013).

The selection of our complete TCM services are second to none, including a variety of Chinese acupuncture (body acupuncture, ear/scalp/wrist acupuncture, or laser acupuncture), Chinese herbal supplements (over 700 kinds of herbs in stock), Qigong & Tai-Chi workshops, Tui Na (Chinese massage), cupping, acupressure, and other healing therapies such as integrated medicine, lifestyle guidance, online TCM care, etc. No matter if you are new to acupuncture or Chinese medicine or have tried it before from another Milwaukee acupuncturist but unable to reap the full benefits of the therapy due to lack of expertise, simply e-mail us at aceacup@gmail.com to get started on your path to healing from real Chinese medical experts.

Scrambling to spend your Flexx-Spend Plan dollars near year's end?

Did you know you can use your tax-free Flex-Spend Plan/Health Savings Account benefit for Acupuncture if you have a Benny card.  Simply call 414-438-9488 (NW Location at Capitol Dr) or 262-993-8388 (SW Location at Greenfield Ave) today.

Testimonials from Dr. Jin's Client & TCM Peers

"Dr. Jin is one of the best doctors I have seen since I came to USA in 1988. not only for his wonderful and rich experiences, also for their warmly service. That's why I like to visit him from Chicago to their clinic via 2 hours driving." 

                                                                                         ~Jane W.

"Dr. Jin not only has exceptional experience of traditional Chinese medicine, but also has broad knowledge of western medicine. he perfectly apply the combination of eastern and western medicine in his practice for his patients. He published many books and gave many lectures internationally. As a board certified physician myself, I think he is the best doctor in acupuncture in this country."

                                                                                        ~Qian C.


"I have been seeing Dr. Jin for about 5 years now. I was so greatful to find him. I was suffering from sciatica in the low back, hip, and leg. No western doctor could tell me why or treat me effectively. I went to Dr. Jin and the pain was gone in a few treatments. As long as I see Dr. Jin twice a month, the pain is gone. Dr. Jin and his son Louis are always very kind and caring. I feel there is no comparison to other providers.

                                                                                                             ~ Nicole R. 


"  Dr.Jin is the third Acupuncturist I have gone to...I will never go to another, he is the very best there is in Milwaukee, in my opinion. I have never felt so healthy. My sinus headaches are completely under control, carpel tunnel is 100% better! I love Dr. Jin."

                                                                                                             ~ Denise L. 


To see more (200+) testimonials form Dr. Jin's patients or from his TCM peers, click the following links:


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