11.  Acupuncture for TMJ

Video Transcript: Dysfunction of temporomandibular joint or called TMJ is mainly manifested as the joint pain, limited mouth's opening, snapping joint and other symptoms. Acupuncture has a remarkable effect in controlling pain of the joint and the recovery of occlusal functions. According to studies about acupuncture in dentistry, acupuncture is proved effective in the treatment of TMJ dysfunction and the pain. We treat 50 patients of this disease in early years and found that its effective rate was 96 percent, we found that hegu is the most effective for controlling the TMJ pain and the increasing amplitude of the mouth's opening and the effect usually took place immediately during the needle-retaining period or after the removal of the needles. Hegu point is located between the thumb and index finger and pertains to the large intestine meridian and it usually has good effects for most facial problems, toothaches or headaches. Sometimes patient can apply certain pressure by themselves or called self-acupressure on this location to relieve TMJ pain.

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