7.  Electro Acupuncture

Video Transcript: When electricity is connected to the inserted acupuncture needles, this type of acupuncture is called electro acupuncture. The application of electro acupuncture may be considered as one of the most significant advancement of acupuncture techniques to date. Owing to its ease of control, its reproducibility and  continued operation without the need for manual labor, electro acupuncture is convenient for practitioners to apply and it can enhance clinical effectiveness for patients. Electro acupuncture is especially suitable for patients with a prognosis of severe pain, the success of acupuncture anesthesia is directly attributed to the application of electro acupuncture. For different therapeutic goals, different electric waves or frequencies can be selected to attain the optimal stimulation effects. However electro acupuncture does have certain short comings, for example the body can easily adapt to electro acupuncture so that its effectiveness will be gradually weakened if applied at the same points for a long time at the same intensity or frequency.

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