15.  Expect Different Results from
       Different Acupuncturists

Video Transcript: Are there are different results from different acupunctures? Of course, because acupuncture is a non-specific physical stimulation after all. Namely, no any medication injection. Its therapeutic results is closely related to the clinical experience and needle-manipulating skills of the practitioner. For the same areas treated, there are various selections of acu-points and techniques such as needle lifting, thrusting or rotating and so on. Because there are certain needling depths or directions for each point stimulated, the effect would not be obtained unless the sensitivity center of it is precisely hit. At that time the practitioner can feel a tense and a dragging sensation along the needle. Ancient Chinese called it deqi, therefore such art of acupuncture is like fishing, waiting for the bait to be bitten,  this is why there is a large difference of results between different levels of practitioners. For example, one patient who took 10 sessions of treatment from one practitioner without obvious results might be cured by another practitioner with only one session. A prior consultation or investigation of testimonials is often advised to determine the practitioner's true credentials.

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